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Free Canadian Classifieds, Free American Classifieds
Welcome to Free4UClassifieds: We are your Premier site for American Classifieds and Canadian Classifieds. You can place your free online Canadian Classifieds in all Provinces and Territories, or you can place your free online American Classifieds in all 50 states for free.

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Free Classifieds

Our site is quite possibly one of the easiest free American Classified or free Canadian Classified sites to use on the net. No memberships, no selling you off to other free sites, just free online classifieds. Our site is searchable, so you can see what classifieds people all across the country have posted, or they Motorcycle classifieds, Car Classifieds, even Yard Sale Classifieds, and so much more. All of our free online classifieds can be posted with a photo if you choose. You can edit or remove your American Classified or your Canadian Classified with ease. Your online classifieds will come with a full control panel for editing. By simply logging in using the email and password you used the first time you posted your free American Classified or your free Canadian classified, you can modify your classifieds as often as you wish. You can also have your American Classified or your Canadian Classified highlighted for a small fee so it is easier to pick out amongst all the other free online classifieds. So remember, search the classifieds to find what you need, stay awhile and enjoy selling you stuff.

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